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Here are some things that you may want to check out idk
- my wall
- Polyvore
i just really like Dylan O'Brien and pavlova

New places are my favourite

i waste my life away daydreaming

i have a bad habit of romanticising everything and listening to sad songs
"Girls work on their looks, not their minds, because they know boys are stupid, not blind." - Unknown
My name is Grace im clumsy, and care too much about star signs

Instagram: @ggracelines

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My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. sunfolly (12%)
  2. goldcubs (4%)
  3. florrist (4%)
  4. sphenx (3%)
  5. aiela (3%)
  6. exhael (3%)
  7. rrhude (2%)
  8. lushust (2%)
  9. virbance (2%)

my tumblr crushes for anon xx

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